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Applied Metaphysics: the Arts, Values, and Social Identities (syllabus)

McGill University

Seminar on Reasons for Action and Attitudes (Phil 634), Fall 2019 (syllabus)

Metaethics (Phil 434), Winter 2019 (syllabus)

Introduction to Moral Philosophy (Phil 230), Fall 2018 (syllabus)

Indiana University, Bloomington

Graduate Seminar in Metaethics (Phil 740), Spring 2018 (syllabus)

Moral Theory and Contemporary Issues (Phil 140), Spring 2018 (syllabus), Fall 2017 (syllabus)

Morality and Reality (Phil 140), Spring 2017 (syllabus)

Honors Law and Society: Current Moral and Social Issues (Hon 237), Fall 2016 (syllabus)


Rutgers University

Introduction to Ethics  (Phil 108 partial online course), Summer 2015 (syllabus)

Introduction to Metaphysics (Phil 215), Fall 2013 (syllabus)

Introduction to Philosophy (Phil 103), Summer 2013 (syllabus)